20 Aug

A New Way to Park!

The future of motorcycle parking: Smart docking stations to include charging and kit locker
Bikers Guardian units in a street 74

A start-up firm are hoping to revolutionise the way we secure our bikes when parking in public places.

Bikers Guardian have come up with a docking station design that allows you to lock the front wheel of your bike in place while denying thieves access to your front spindle, so they can’t just nick the rest of the bike.

What’s more, the unit can act as a charging station for electric bikes and contains a secure, climate-controlled locker for your bike kit, too. And best of all, hydrogen fuel cell tech means the Bikers Guardian is green and doesn’t rely on being connected to mains electricity.

Users will be able to check on their bike by accessing a security camera through a secure app, which is also where parking will be booked and paid for.

A motorbike locked in a Bikers Guardian unit

Bikers Guardian was conceived and designed by Jonathan Round, who had his own bike stolen from Matlock Bath in just 10 minutes.

“This is new technology providing a multi-parking solution to prevent the ever-increasing problem of motorcycle crime, both in the UK and globally,” the firm said. “The rise of motorcycle crime has been widely publicised in recent years.

“Statistics indicate that there are over 1.8 million registered motorcycles and scooters on our highways today. Councils are doing their best to encourage more motorcyclists to bring their motorcycles into the town and city centres as a way to ease congestion and also aid in the reduction of harmful emissions.

“Meanwhile people are also now far more concerned with the impact of stolen motorcycles as they are used for all kinds of crime such as snatch and grab, shop thefts, drug related crime and much more.”

The Bikers Guardian dock is currently at the prototyping phase, after which comes Sold Secure testing.
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