15 Mar

The Carona virus scare

MORE Gospel According to Mark
While the rest of world is losing their minds, you need to find yours … here are five more tips to help you maintain focus on your business.
1) Adopt a new “good deal” mentality. A good deal is when the customer feels well taken care of and you feel well compensated.
2) Understand the power of the present moment. Now is all that matters. Be present with your customers. If you’re not, nonverbal communication called “micro expressions” will give you away. We like to think we can think in secret. You cannot.
3) Many of you are falling prey to what I call the Foghorn Leghorn Syndrome. If you are lucky enough to be of a certain age, you’ll remember Foghorn Leghorn as the cartoon rooster who doled out homespun advice like, “I say, boy. You’re doing it all wrong, you’re digging of there, when you know the worm is over here.” Negotiation leverage isn’t during the sales process. Your real leverage is in the prospecting and referral phases.
4) You must have what I call “Beyond the Brochure®” product knowledge. Be able to cite five significant technical aspects of the motorcycle not found in the brochure and my guess is you’ll be in the top five percent of sales professionals in the country.
5) Last weekend, on a Facebook Live broadcast, I showed dealers how to play “Do me a favor Saturday.” When working with customers, use what professorial types call “behavioral instruction.” Tell them what you want them to do. “Do me a favor, throw a leg over this motorcycle, I want to see how it fits.” “Do me a favor, try the clutch and let me know what you think.” This engages customers and makes their time with you interactive.
So endeth this reading of the gospel according to Mark.
Now, go sell something.
Talk soon, Mark

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