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With such a solid foundation and history of success in promoting the sport of motorcycling and the motorcycle industry in Illinois for over forty-six years, The I.M.D.A. is a recognizable force in protecting and promoting the interest of all motorcycle dealers and enthusiasts in Illinois

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Since 1971, the Illinois Motorcycle Dealers Association has represented dealers of all brands of motorcycles and has been providing assistance to motorcycle dealers, enthusiasts and Illinois Legislators. The I.M.D.A. has experienced phenomenal growth over the years, especially showing great success in the following areas:

Legislation regarding franchise bills,
and helmet laws
Assistance to State and Federal
Garage liability and worker's
Assisted in establishing Illinois'
Motorcycle Safety Training Program
Assisted in providing funding protection
for the Motorcycle Safety Training
Returned A.M.A. Grand National
motorcycle races to the historic "Springfield



New Information at the Legislative Level

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