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17 Ways to Break Your Sales Slump

Article by master salesman Mark Rodgers;

17 Ways to Break Your Sales Slump

We’ve all been there. Everyone else seems to be putting numbers on the board and you’re not. Here are 17 key actions to break out and return to form.

  1. Review your three best sales ever. Find commonalities: time of day, kind of bike, personality styles. Position yourself to replicate.
  2. Get enough sleep. Few things negatively alter your state of mind like inadequate sleep. This is NOT pablum! This is critical. Turn your phone off at 7:00 p.m. Find another alarm clock.
  3. Avoid alcohol and other intoxicants. They don’t help. Trust me.
  4. Eat better. Whole unprocessed food. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.” Food creates chemical changes in your body. Want a better mood? Eat better food.
  5. Work out and most importantly, go for a walk outside. Answers to your biggest challenges are given when you walk outside. Angels talk when you walk.
  6. This next idea is scientifically proven to have the same mood elevating effects as pharmaceuticals. Every evening before bed complete your Daily Success Journal. Write down three things every day that you did well. Not three you can improve, just three you did well and why you performed well. “Today I did an excellent job moving forward with Steve Harris. I put my desire to sell on the back burner and really concentrated on listening to Steve talk about challenges at work and empathizing with him. We’re building a relationship and that’s key.”
  7. Review previous testimonials. Sometimes you need to remind yourself just how good you really are.
  8. Do tasks at which you know you excel. Crafting an email, making a call, detailing a bike. Success in one area often halos others.
  9. Destroy awfulization self-talk. You know the sequence. “That last couple didn’t buy. I can’t sell anything. People will find out I’m not really a good salesperson. Management will get wind of it. I’ll lose my job. I won’t be able to pay my bills. My wife will leave me, and I’ll be homeless.” Ok, let me see if I have this straight. Just because this last couple didn’t say yes, you’re going to be broke and homeless. That’s awfulization. Stop it. The moment you have a thought like that crush it with all your might.
  10. This is going to sound all Cali-Woo Woo: Replace those negative thoughts with a mantra. “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Over and over and over.
  11. Call 5 of your best customers just to check in. “I was thinking about you the other day and wanted to hear how things are going for you.” Don’t try to sell anything. Just be interested in them.
  12. Create a morning “priming” routine. Every single morning, I: check my sleep stats. Stretch and listen to motivational programming (try starting your day with David Goggins!) while my coffee is steeping. Then I sit outside in the quiet have my coffee and review my long- and short-term goals. I do some quick exercises and then I do my first 20-minute meditation. Every single day. This primes me for everything. Yes, I get up early and so should you.
  13. Have an external locus of learning: read good newsletters, articles, books. Listen to good podcasts and watch good YouTube content. There is simply a missing piece of the puzzle. If your locus of learning is external you can bounce back. Internal, you won’t.
  14. Get disciplined. Sales leverage is derived through prospecting and referrals. Keep doing the right things long enough and good things will happen.
  15. Dress better.
  16. Avoid negative people like the plague.
  17. Eliminate social media or dramatically reduce it about 10 minutes per day. I mean no kidding, drop that nonsense. It’s no good for you.

My mentor told me years ago that throughout time, nature’s most perfect predators – from the T-Rex to the modern-day Cheetah – only have about a 10 percent success rate. So, brush yourself off, pick yourself up and make another call or send another email.

Don’t see yourself as a salesperson. See yourself as an educator. And your raison d’etre is to teach as many people as possible about the exciting world of Harley-Davidson.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do. And you’re tougher than you think.

Now, go sell something.

Talk soon, Mark

If you need more let me know,
Karl Kegel

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